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There are 4 courses.

① 2 Years Preparatory Course

1600 study hours

② 1 Year 9 months  Preparatory Course

1400 study hours

③ 1 Year 6 months  Preparatory Course

1200 study hours

④ 1 Year 3 months  Preparatory Course

1000 study hours

Students aim to enter universities and professional training college.

※Applicants must have passed JLPT N3 or higher.

|Time Schedule|

[ A.M ]

      1st  09:00~09:45

      2nd 09:50~10:35

      3rd 10:45~11:30

      4th 11:35~12:20


[ P.M ]

      1st  13:00~13:45

      2nd 13:50~14:35

      3rd 14:45~15:30

      4th 15:35~16:20  


At the time of enrollment, students take a Japanese language test and a questionnaire, and are placed in classes that match their abilities and objectives.

In the classes, students will focus on improving their conversational skills and acquire the ability to pass the examinations and acquire Japanese language skills that suit their purposes.

Our Goal is to

" Not textbook Japanese,

but usable Japanese."

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