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School information

|Educational Goals|

1. Understand Japanese culture and customs, and  learn the manners of a member of society.

2. Passed JLPT N1 and N2.

3. Realization of career path 100%.


Start of school             2019 April

Location                      Gunma Pref, Maebashi city

Course                         2 Years College Prep Course​​

                                     1 Year and 9 months College Prep Course

                                     1 Year and 6 months College Prep Course

                                     1 Year and 3 months College Prep Course 

Authorization             Authorization by the Ministry of Justice

Application                 appropriate school​​

                                     Tokyo Immigration Services Agency


1. Set up classes according to ability and purpose.

2. Fine-tuned instruction tailored to each individual's abilities.

3. Cultivating "usable" and "understandable" Japanese language skills.

4. Experiencing the Japanese language through cultural and community exchange.

5. Teachers with strong test-taking skills, for JLPT and EJU.

|Student Dormitories

Admission information

|Time of admission and various procedures|


|School fee|




There are 4 courses.

① 2 Years Preparatory Course

② 1 Year 9 months  Preparatory Course

③ 1 Year 6 months  Preparatory Course

④ 1 Year 3 months  Preparatory Course

1600 study hours

1400 study hours

1200 study hours

1000 study hours

Students aim to enter universities and professional training college.

※Applicants must have passed JLPT N3 or higher.

|Time Schedule|


 1st      09:00 ~ 09:45

 2nd    09:50 ~ 10:35

 3rd     10:45 ~ 11:30

 4th     11:35 ~ 12:20


 1st      13:00 ~ 13:45

 2nd    13:50 ~ 14:35

 3rd     14:45 ~ 15:30

 4th     15:35 ~ 16:20


 At the time of enrollment, students take a Japanese language test and a questionnaire, and are placed in classes that match their abilities and objectives.

 In the classes, students will focus on improving their conversational skills and acquire the ability to pass the examinations and acquire Japanese language skills that suit their purposes.



〒371-0805  3-24-1 Minami-cho, Maebashi-shi, Gunmaken
TEL +81-27-288-0613     FAX    +81-27-288-0614  
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