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Where is the school? Please tell me about the environment around the school.

It is located in front of Maebashi station in Maebashi City, Gunma prefecture, It takes about 2 hours by train from Tokyo to Maebashi Station and about one and a half hours by using Shinkansen.
The school is 2-minute walk from Maebashi station.

There are large shopping malls around the school, restaurants, beauty salons, clothing shops, etc. It is convenient for meals and shopping.The city hall and prefectural government office are also 10 minutes by bicycle.
Because there are many parks, we can do light exercise on sunny days, we can sit on the bench and eat lunch box.

What is the class hours?

Morning class is from 9: 00 to 12: 15 and afternoon class is from 12: 45 to 16: 00.

How is the one-year schedule?

It is as follows.
Classes are 4 hours a day, 1 week 5 days, 1 year 40 weeks, so the class hours of the year are 800 hours.
The 1 year 6 months course is 1,200 hours and the 2 year course is 1600 hours.

When is admission time?

Admission times for international students are April and October. Because you have to obtain a study abroad visa for enrollment, please submit the necessary documents for the visa acquisition to the school. For required documents, please see the application guidelines. After the school examines the document, we apply for documents to the Immigration Bureau. The schedule until coming to Japan is as follows. If you already have a Japanese visa, you can enroll at any time if there is a suitable level class. Required documents are (1) Application for Admission (2) Passport Copy (3) Copy of residence card (4) Certification photo 3 pictures.

What kind of qualification is required to enter the school?

When you acquire a study abroad visa, you need educational qualifications above high school. Applicants from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka are required to have a certificate of over 150 hours of Japanese-Language Education and a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N5, NAT- TEST class 5, J.TEST F class, TOPJ elementary class A) certificates are required. Also, after graduating from the school of the last academic background, it will be within five years. If you already have a visa, no qualification is required.

How much money do I need for my study abroad?

You need money to pay tuition and living expenses for the learning period (1 year, 6 months, or 2 years). Tuition is as follows. For living expenses, about 80,000 yen is required per month for rent, meals, etc. together.

Do you teach only Japanese?

For students going to state public university, there are classes such as mathematics, General subject, science, English etc. at an extra charge besides Japanese.

How can you advise students on entering universities / vocational schools?

First of all, at our school we will take the classes of the JLPT and EJU exam. In addition, we have set up a forum for discussion on advanced studies at regular interviews with teacher once every 3 months. Also, at our school we visit universities and vocational schools twice a year, and participate in a fare advancement fair. Once a year, we hold consultation sessions with university / vocational school briefing sessions and seniors who went to university / vocational school. In this way, we will provide information on admission to the university. In addition, we will prepare the data of successful applicants who passed the previous examination regarding the score of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, the acceptance or rejection of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. In this way I will help you decide where to go. We prepare what we can do for past problems of the applicant school. The homeroom teacher helps you to prepare application documents and practice interviews in advance. In addition to the above, you can also consult with your homeroom teacher at other times than classes, so please come and visit the teachers' room at any time. We will guide you until you pass the school you want, so please be relieved.

Can I choose my own class?

When you enroll in our school you will go through a level check test and enter the class that matches your level. Since then, there is a periodic test once every three months, so you enter the class according to the result. Since the school decides the class hours and classes, you may not enter the classes you want.

Is there a dorm in your school?

Yes. It is as follows (monthly charge).

Can I work part-time?

International students can do less than 28 hours per week (less than 8 hours a day during long holidays such as summer vacation). However, permission for activities outside your status of residence is required. Also, some part-time jobs are prohibited by law, so please consult with your teacher. School will also provide information on part-time jobs, but students should look for their part-time job on their own.

Can I temporarily return home?

If you go back to your home country temporarily during the class period you will be absent and the attendance rate falls. Also, because you can not study Japanese, temporary return is prohibited in principle. It is better not to temporarily return home during long holidays, such as summer vacation. Because, during that time, the opportunity to speak Japanese is lost. However, special cases such as family circumstances, you can temporarily return home. However, it is strictly prohibited to go back to school without permission. Please be sure to declare it to the school.

Is there insurance when I get sick or injured?

As soon as you enter our school you will enter national health insurance. When you enter national health insurance, you have to pay insurance premium (thousands of yen) monthly, but if you get sick or injured, 70% can cover with insurance, so self-payment is 30% only. The monthly premium is paid by you. If you do not pay insurance premiums, insurance will be invalid, so please be sure to pay.

I am anxious because I live alone for the first time in a foreign country.

As soon as you arrive in Japan, we have an orientation on Japanese living and studying at our school. Also, there is a teacher for life guidance at our school, so please consult whenever you are in trouble.

I would like to learn Japanese culture and make Japanese friends. Are there activities other than school study at your school?

At our school we will conduct activities to learn Japanese culture (First visit of the year to a shrine, first calligraphy of the year, Tanabata Festival, Bon dancing etc.).In addition, we will participate in the Japanese Cultural Festival and International Party in Maebashi City, so we have opportunities to make Japanese friends and foreign friends.

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