Features of Aoyama Japanese Language Academy

1) Learning · Advancement guidance

Based on the course survey after entering the school,

we provide detailed career guidance such as information

provision and acceptability of the applicant's school.

To maximize the learning effect, we carry out the following matters.

① Level-specific learning organization

② Establishing an educational materials room such as university guidance, instructing search of university information via the Internet(JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT)

③ Implementation of university entrance examinations classes such as examinations for studying in Japan, interviews, essay writing etc.

④ Support / guidance for examinations subjects other than Japanese 


2) Living guidance

Teachers / living instructors will teach through orientation and daily counseling so that they can adapt to Japanese life, such as customs · residences · shopping · part time jobs in Japan.

3) Exchange with local Japanese people

In order to promote exchange with Japanese people in the area, we plan and participate in the following events, so we can learn living Japanese.

① International Party

② Making international cuisine

③ Outdoor activities

Learning goal

We aim to go on to higher education institutions such as universities in Japan for both 1 year and 6 months course for going to university and 2 years course.

Extensive support system

① Faculty and staff support daily life by counseling etc.

② By real estate agent familiar with the surrounding area, we will introduce the residential area suitable for study environment.

③ We will provide information on various part-time jobs.

Greetings from the Chief Director

Chief Director

Tetsusou Aoyama

Aoyama Japanese Language Academy is located in Maebashi-city, Gunma prefecture.

We offer programs to pass the Japanese Proficiency Test N1, N2 and to get high scores in the EJU exam in order to go to university.


We aim to support students going to higher education in Japan and leading full of life in Japanese society by providing classes to get Japanese competence required for university and graduate school, and practical Japanese teaching and Japanese culture teaching.

Through our activities, we contribute to build good relationship between Asia including China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and other countries around the world.

Aoyama Japanese

      language Academy

Postal code 371-0805


Tel +81-27-289-6937,


Mail  aoyama-jls@tbz.t-com.ne.jp

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